Senior System Engineer

For our ASM Laser Technology Centre we are hiring a Senior System Engineer / Technical Project Leader.

Job description

As a Senior System Engineer or Mechatronics Engineer you will develop and control our hardware for our Laser 1205 dicing and grooving system. Next to that you are intensely involved with lowlevel control software. The Senior System Engineer will lead small Multi disciplinary project teams in search for new applications on the ALSI machine and co-solve complex problems, if neede on the customers site. Besides maintenance its the Senior System Engineers responsiblity specificating, documenting, developing, integrating and testing the ALSI Machine. In a direct cooperation you will support our suppliers and other disciplines (software, optics, lasers, customer service, manufacturing).

  • Formulate system requirements – mechanical, electrical, installation, wiring, relevant standards, environmental conditions, design guidelines for laser separation systems, new/modified functionality and system components.
  • On this basis, draw up and/or review integration and verification test plans for laser separation systems, new/modified functionality and system components.
  • Supervise and/or contribute to the (external) design and engineering, the integration and verification testing for laser separation systems, new/modified functionality and system components..
  • Supervise conformance to relevant standards.
  • Check the content and quality of Technical Production Documentation and other documentation (e.g. user manuals); make complete where necessary.
  • Provide second-line support for customers and production plants.
  • Be visible and recognized as technical lead in product development projects and setup of experiments to investigate detailed behavior of the system.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in electrical- or mechanical engineering or applied fysics
  • 10 years of relevant working experience in a machine production company (preferenced is Semi-Con)
  • The ability to visualize and actually reach solutions within complex and very often conflicting business requirements.
    The ability to operate roadmap driven while priorities lie at short term projects and actions. (Able to work under stressed conditions)
  • Expertise on mechatronics system engineering in general
    Good knowledge on motion control and drive technology, mechanical engineering, actuators and sensing technologies
    Good knowledge of software development, based on own software programming experience; preferably with Borland C++, Python, Mathlab Simulink and/or Realtime Workshop
  • Technical knowledge of different types of engines.
    General knowledge of lasers or laser material processing is preferenced as well as general knowledge about optics
  • The ability tob e a lateral thinker with helicopter view, capable of finding appropriate solutions covering the implications in other disciplines
  • Great communicational and social skills for giving guidence and deploying tasks succesfully on the fields of expertise of system design

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