Senior Technology Development Manager Optomechanics

Become part of ASM Center of Competency Netherlands

The ASM Center of Competency, located in the Netherlands, is responsible for identifying new high-tech innovation opportunities for the full global ASM Pacific Technology product portfolio.
The equipment portfolio of ASM Pacific Technology covers the complete back-end section of the semiconductor equipment market, and offers comprehensive assembly and advanced packaging solutions for its customers in the fields of optoelectronics, electronics, solar energy, automotive and other segments.

Job description
IIn the ASM Center of Competency we are looking for pro-active candidates with a strong industrial background in developing high-tech (semiconductor) equipment. The candidate will work with a wide range of Dutch engineering parties and Universities to generate innovations for existing and new ASM PT products. The technical-content-driven candidate will be responsible for succesfully introducing these innovations, with the shortest possible time-to-market, in the various product teams at ASM in Hong Kong and Singapore. The Senior Technology Development Manager Optomechanics is functionally reporting to the ASM Director of Center of Competency.

Overall responsibilities and activities:

  • Building and maintaining a strong Dutch/European innovation network with the high-tech equipment industry as well as with knowledge centers like the various Technical Universities and TNO.
  • Understanding and translating the needs form the various ASM Pacific Technology product groups in Asia to indentify high-tech innovation opportunities for local network partners.
  • Responsible for managing the successful introduction of a technical innovation in an existing or new ASM product. Short time-to-market is key.
  • Identify new areas for innovation and being able to quickly establish the state-of-the-art for a new technology field.
  • Responsible for covering the innovations in his/her field of expertise, i.e. industrial vision, mechatronics, optomechatronics.

General and Technical knowledge:

  • Strong knowledge of the semiconducter equipment industry
  • Good knowledge of product development process
  • Knowledge of free-space optics and optomechanical designs.
  • Knowledge on mechanical and mechatronics system engineering, preferably in the high-speed high-precision equipment area
  • Knowledge on motion control and drive technology, mechanical engineering, actuators and sensing technologies

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Motivated by new innovation opportunities and driven by technical content.
  • Very good social, communication and presentation skills for bridging the gap between local high-tech innovation partners and ASM product groups in Asia.
  • Creative out-of-the box thinker.
  • A keen eye for relevant innovations in the respective field of expertise. Sensitive to new IP opportunities.
  • Pro-actively driving a project with local partners to succesful completion in order to achieve a short time-to-market for a new innovation.
  • Reach out for new innovation opportunities, self-propelling.
  • Fifteen (15) years of industrial experience, preferably in an semiconductor equipment development environment.
  • An academic degree in a electrical- or mechanical engineering or applied physics or another relevant academic technical background