Completion of acquisition

Acquisition of DEK successfully completed. DEKwith SIPLACE form SMT Solutions.

After gaining approval from the antitrust authorities, ASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT) closed on its purchase of printing technology specialist DEK on July 2. This is ASMPT’s second significant acquisition in the electronics assembly
industry, having acquired the SIPLACE placement machine business in 2011. The company, which employs 14,400 people, had historically been well-known as the world’s leading supplier of back-end systems. With the acquisition of DEK and SIPLACE, ASMPT has quickly expanded its name, recognition and market position as well as its development, production and distribution capacities – in Europe, North America and South America. As the Printing Solutions Division (DEK) and the Placement Solutions Division (SIPLACE), the two divisions will form the SMT Solutions Segment within the ASMPT group.
On July 2, ASMPT closed the acquisition of the complete DEK business from its previous owner Dover Corporation. All of the printer specialist’s production and sales locations, management and staff are acquired in their entirety. Michael Brianda, former President of DEK, will spearhead the newly-established Printing Solutions Division. Günter Schindler of SIPLACE will lead the Placement Solutions Division and both divisions will fall within ASMPT’s SMT Solutions Segment, headed by CEO Günter Lauber DEK and SIPLACE – Best-in-class printing and placement solutions. Both the DEK and SIPLACE teams will continue to develop best-in-class solutions with distinct engineering teams and deploy the advanced tools and technologies via each group’s established sales and service networks. With this structure, customers maintain freedom-of-choice and have the assurance that they can combine DEK and SIPLACE equipment with printing or placement solutions from other suppliers or leverage the power of a full-line solution that integrates best-in-class DEK and SIPLACE platforms.