ASMPT offers a full program of customer training. Standardized training programs and Custom made Programs are available to train your maintenance people to all the required levels. If you have a special request, it is possible to develop a training dedicated to your needs. Please let us know your wishes, so we can make a proposal. Contact: Training can be given at customer’s site or at our assembly location or at our new lab.

The equipment creates most value for the customer when trained personnel is operating and maintaining the equipment. The process training enable a customer to develop their own recipes for new products.

Trained Operators will handle the equipment efficiently, know how to maintain a clean work environment and know how to use the functionality available.

Trained service engineers know how to analyze equipment problems, how to communicate with supplier organization and how to follow supplier’s instructions resulting in a reduced downtime.

Equipment Training

Level Training
1 Basic Operation
2 Preventive
3 IR – Specialist
3 UV – Specialist

Process Training

Level Training
2 Advanced Operation
3 UV Dicing – Specialist
3 UV Grooving – Specialist
3 IR Dicing – Specialist

Additional Modules (Theory)

Level Training
add-on Wet Etching GaAs
add-on Coating / Cleaning Training
add-on Laser Material Interactions