T & D – Discretes

Transistors and diodes are basic electronic components with a very wide range of applications, from very small diodes to advanced transistors for the automotive industry. The market segment is by far the largest in volume of components in the semi-conductor industry. The T&D market is very competitive and therefore extremely cost sensitive and on the other hand technology driven.

ALSI’s Multi Laser Beam Technology enables today’s technology and cost requirements :

  • Significant thinner wafers (< 50 µm)
  • Smaller die sizes (< 200 µm)
  • Various back side metal layers
  • Larger wafer sizes


Your Advantage:

  • Reduced dicing street result in more products per wafer, in graphical presentation
  • Improved product quality (no chip outs, no mechanical contact, no corrosion caused by long exposure to DI water)
  • Low consumable cost
  • High productivity per operator
  • Fast ROI