Epoxy Mold compound

Epoxy mold compound (EMC) is an epoxy polymer that is heated to the liquid phase and encapsulated around the circuit for protection. The wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) that utilizes EMC is a technology of packaging that provides many advantages to the semiconductor industry that include wafer level testing, allows higher integration, smaller footprint, package height and many more. Technological requirements of the WLCSP has pushed the limits of mechanical sawing till it has reached its’ limits.
Multi-beam, multi-DOE laser dicing offers solutions to overcome the limitations of the mechanical sawing by providing a narrower dicing width, higher productivity and high yield and reliability of the diced material. The major advantage of laser dicing is the non-physical contact of the laser beam with the material and therefore no replacement of laser beam, unlike the frequent replacement of the diamond saw in WLCSP singulation that can be costly. In addition, the multi-beam technology allows for the distribution of a single laser beam into multiple lower spot energy that ensures minimization of the heat affected zone (HAZ). We have proven our capabilities in various customers with excellent dicing qualities, productivity, yield and reliability.