Dicing UV V-Process


  • Dicing-UV is mainly used for Si, SiC, Sapphire, LiNbO3, LiTaO3, Mold compound and GaN materials.
  • Dicing-UV with Multi Beam V process is used to clean the sidewall from re-solified material and the top from Burr.
  • Dicing-UV Multi-Beam V-Process applied results in a clean view of the material and higher DIE strength.
  • The Number of Spots and distance between the spots can be varied.
  • Depending on the choice of DOE, the recast width, Burr Heigth, HAZ, UPH and DIE strength will vary.
  • The Dicing-UV Multi-Beam V-Process is a patented process.

Dicing and cleaning in a single process.

ASMPT’s multi beam process will significantly reduce the HAZ and allow for a higher productivity. Still the HAZ is not zero and for certain applications at which the small HAZ and a high die strength are essential additional steps are need to improve (recover) the die strength. One option is to take ASMPT’s multi beam technology to a next level. When using a V-DOE we use a multi beam splitting concept but now we split the beam in 2 dimensions (X & Y) and even in a 3rd dimension since the power per beam can also be modified. As shown in the picture the central beams are higher in power and perform the dicing process to cut through the material. The outer beam in the V-DOE are low in power and these will remove (clean up) the HAZ, which will result in an improved die-strength. The V-DOE concept can be applied to various wafer substrate materials such as Si, GaAs, SiC, etc. The V-DOE process can also be combined with a standard multi beam or line DOE, which is referred to as the VI or VI+ process.