ASMPT is the inventor of multi beam semiconductor dicing. With more than 20 years of multi beam laser process experience in high volume manufacturing many billions of parts have been processed. Utilizing the strength of the multi beam process, low power per beam but using many beam to allow high material removal rate with a small (<3um) heat affected zone. The unique slider concept (wafer stepper concept) allows high accuracy and reproducibility. The IR multi beam laser process has proven its value in semiconductor wafer singulations, resulting in the status of PoR for many GaAs products.

Typical values

Wafer Thickness< 200 µm
Spot patternMB
Kerf Width< 12 µm

Features & Benefits

Best of class Process Quality
  • High Power IR-Dicing wavelength 1064µm; pulse length ns range
  • Work horse for GaAs dicing up to 300 µm thickness.
  • Die strength enhancement The patented wet etch post process is very effective to enhance side wall quality and burr removal
Production Flexibility
  • Full recipe control for coating, dicing and cleaning
  • Flexibility up to 3 DOE’s (recipe selectable)
Compliant with Production Chain
  • Wafer handling options to convert accurately between 8 and 12“ frames
  • Cassette load station manual, Automated Material Handling System (AMHS)
  • Factory control SECS/GEM interface