UV Grooving

Multi beam Matrix laser grooving process allows full removal (grooving) of the top layers (Low-K, Metals and passivation, etc). The multi beam matrix grooving process creates a U-Shape groove profile with consistent industry standard quality (low burr, no chipping, smooth groove profile). The unique slider concept (wafer stepper concept) allows high accuracy and reproducibility. Together with unique and patented “kerf check on the fly” the customer has continuous process control:


Key Features:

  • Large variety of grooving widths. Ranging from 10um up to 100um or more due to wide selection of multi beam matrix configurations.
  • Extremely high position and grooving accuracy and repro (< ± 1um)
  • High UPH (typically 50% faster than competition) due to system concept design focused on laser material processing:
    • ultra short index time
    • Kerf check on the fly
    • Dual cassette stations
    • Dual coat and clean stations


Summary Key Points:

• Unique Multi beam technology
• Active focus control to compensate for wafer thickness variations
• Planar motion system & active mounts for vibration compensation provide extremely high speed & accuracy
• Remote control and diagnostics for on the spot process support and faster service support
• 2 individual cassette stations to eliminate machine idle time
• Priority wafer or wafer inspection port for maximum flexibility and control
• (Multiple) Integrated coating/cleaning stations to maximize dicing productivity & flexibility
• Automatic beam splitting exchange for multiple applications
• Pre-alignment and contour station to enable maximum productivity
• Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) and broken wafer dicing capability for tool flexibility & higher wafer yield
• ‘‘ On the fly’’ kerf check for grooving processes with no throughput loss
• Automatic Spot to Lane (S2L) sensor
• Secs Gem compatible
• Intuitive Graphical User Interface



• Low-K grooving
• Logic IC
• LCD drivers
• Micro processors
• Memory

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