Support activities:

Preventive Analysis

The software of the machine keeps track of all events in the machine. This data is collected on a monthly base, obviously with strictly confidentiality. The collected information is a good source of information for our design team and our improvement programs. Also the data can be used to give you, at your request, proactive advice or recommendations to keep your equipment up and running efficiently.

Installation & Relocation

All machines are installed or relocated corresponding the customer’s wishes. This includes hooking up to the facilities, removing or installing the transportation tooling and commissioning the equipment until it is released for production.

Remote & Onsite Support

Technical specialists are available for phone support and advice. All our machines are equipped with remote service facilities, which allows our specialists to login and have an in depth inspection right away, whenever support is requested  In this way over 90% of the service call can be solved. Service costs and downtime are reduced to a minimum as a result.

Our service staff consists of well trained and field experienced engineers, capable of performing all the necessary repairs or preventative maintenance on site in an efficient and documented way. By means of the “Customer Service Report” you are immediately informed on the interventions that have taken place

Service Levels Agreements

If it is needed that the cost for service is more structured, a custom made Service Level Agreement is possible. Let us know your wishes so we can work out a suitable proposal.

Spare Parts

ASMPT stocks all necessary spare parts and consumables. From the significant installed base of systems running in volume production we have defined an accurate list of potential spare parts classified to risk parts and consumables.  If you want to reduce delivery times even further, spare parts can be stored at your site as well. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Training & Certificates

ASMPT offers a full program of customer training. Standardized training programs and Custom made Programs are available to train your maintenance people to all the required levels.  If you have a special request, it is possible to develop a training dedicated to your needs. Please let us know your wishes, so we can make a proposal. Contact: Training can be given at customer’s site or at our assembly location or at our new lab


Customer Support





The important pillar for a long term partnership.

ASMPT recognizes continued support as one of the important pillars for a long term partnership with our customers. Customer support is a tool to maximize system uptime and system availability. The customer support is organized from our Headquarters in Beuningen for Europe and NAFTA, and from agents and distributors in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore covering the whole Asian market. You can contact Support in the following way:

  • ASMPT EU :                   + 31 24 6782 881
  • ASMPT NAFTA:             + 602 437 4688
  • ASMPT China:               + 852 2619 2000
  • ASMPT Taiwan:            + 886 7 367 6300
  • ASMPT Japan:               + 81 42  521 7751
  • ASMPT South Korea:   + 82 2 2659 4174
  • ASMPT Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines: + 65 6752 6311

Customer Training:

> Operator Training Laser 1205

> Preventive Maintenance Training Laser 1205

> Extended Maintenance Training Laser 1205

> Extended Electrical Training Laser 1205

> Laser Maintenance Training IR Laser 1205

> Level 1 Super user Training (dicing)

> Level 2 Application development Training (dicing)