ASMPT Investment in Molded Interconnect Substrates (‘MIS’)

ASMPT and SPIL announce Joint Investment Venture in Molded Interconnect Substrates

Hong Kong and Singapore, 23 October 2015 – ASM Pacific Technology Limited (“ASMPT”) (HKG: 0522), and Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd. (“SPIL”) (TSE: 2325.TT, NASDAQ:SPIL) announced today that both companies will enter into an agreement to establish a joint investment entity to develop and manufacture molded interconnect substrates (“MIS”) to meet the industry’s demand for advanced semiconductor chips with greater functionality.

The entity, ASM Advanced Packaging Materials Pte. Ltd. (“AAPM”), will be formed through acquiring, amongst other things, the equipment and assets, the intellectual property rights and know-how of Interconnect Tech Pte Ltd (“iCT”), a Singapore-based company offering one-stop MIS solutions to the semiconductor industry. Through its subsidiary, ASMPT will hold a majority of the shares of AAPM, and will also be responsible for managing the business and operations of AAPM.

In recent years, market adoption of advanced packaging technologies has grown significantly, driven by consumer demand for electronic products including mobile and wearable devices to have thinner and smaller form factors as well as higher performance with excellent electrical and thermal properties. MIS substrates are multiple-layer redistribution layer (RDL) carriers for advanced packages using pre-mold technology. They have fine routable traces and copper pads which support wire-bonding, flip chip bonding, and multi-chip packages in meeting the critical requirements for advanced packaging applications like System-in-Packages (SiP), cost-effective alternative to wafer level fan out (WLFO), and devices for Internet of Things (IoT), radio frequency (RF) application and power management. Early adopters of MIS include, but not limited to, Infineon Technologies and other major partners of leading smartphone manufacturers.

Mr Stanley Tsui, Executive Vice President and CEO of Materials Business segment of ASMPT said: “In the past few years, ASMPT has been aggressively investing in advanced packaging equipment solutions. With this investment, ASMPT extends our offerings to advanced packaging materials which will enable us to provide customers a broader range of packaging solutions.  We are excited to set up this business venture with SPIL, a leading provider of comprehensive semiconductor assembly and test services. Leveraging our capabilities and know-how in advanced packaging, we will be able to offer customers cost-optimised value-added packaging solutions.”

Mr Patrick Lin, Vice President of Procurement of SPIL said: “We believe that ASMPT is an ideal partner for SPIL for the development and investment of MIS. SPIL has a long-time business relationship with ASMPT and this partnership will bring benefits and value of MIS to customers at a much faster speed-to-market.”
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