ASMPT Supplier Excellence Award 2015

Hong Kong, Singapore, 1 April 2016

In developing a solution that is truly making a difference in semiconductor manufacturing, ASM Pacific Technology Limited (“ASMPT”), a world leader in the supply of semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment and materials as well as surface mount technology solutions, received the 2015 Technology Achievement Grand Award for its Thermo-Compression Bonding (TCB) tool.

Organised by the Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI), the Technology Achievement Awards recognise outstanding achievements of Hong Kong enterprises in pursuit of high technology and high value-added activities. Entries are evaluated based on excellence in technology and intellectual property, impact on the industry and market recognition and its contribution to Hong Kong.

ASMPT collaborated with a leading semiconductor company to develop the ground-breaking high-throughput Flip Chip bonder for TCB which is capable of individualised optimal bonding for fine pitch copper pillar interconnects used in CPUs and High Bandwidth Memory. Engineered for higher productivity, the TCB tool delivers finer pitch, higher placement accuracy and high-precision die alignment for customers to enable state-of-the-art computing and memory devices for leading applications like data centres and next-generation computing and communications platforms.

Mr Lee Wai Kwong, CEO of ASMPT said: “We are honoured to have received this prestigious 2015 Technology Achievement Grand Award. This award recognises the efforts of our Hong Kong R&D team and ASMPT’s commitment to technological innovation and manufacturing excellence. It also shows that Hong Kong, apart from being a financial centre, also has a pool of R&D talent contributing to the city’s hi-tech and value-added manufacturing. We will continue to invest in new technologies to develop and broaden our product portfolio that will benefit our customers in the future.

With up to 10 per cent of its equipment revenue reinvested in R&D annually, ASMPT employs more than 1,700 professional engineers and scientists worldwide, of which 600 are based in Hong Kong. This consistent investment in technology innovation has allowed the company to remain ahead of the curve for the past 40 years. Today, ASMPT is the top supplier in both the assembly and packaging equipment and the SMT equipment markets.

Developed by the R&D team in Hong Kong, this award-winning TCB tool met and even exceeded the success criteria of TCB technology in successfully tackling warpage, die tilt and chip gap control, bond formation and process consistency, pick and place placement accuracy and bond quality monitoring. The TCB tool’s key advantages of high-precision X-Y-Z die bonding, real-time closed loop control, inert chamber and tool-to-tool portability have enabled ASMPT’s customer, a leading semiconductor company, to mass-produce its state-of-art computing devices using TCB technology since 2014.