IR Dicing

ASMPT is the inventor of multi beam semiconductor dicing. With more than 20 years of multi beam laser process experience in high volume manufacturing many billions of parts have been processed. Utilizing the strength of the multi beam process, low power per beam but using many beam to allow high material removal rate with a small (<3um) heat affected zone. The unique slider concept (wafer stepper concept) allows high accuracy and reproducibility. The IR multi beam laser process has proven its value in semiconductor wafer singulations and enabled the ongoing trend of thinner (more fragile) devices and shrinking the dicing street resulting in more die per wafer.


Key Features:

  • Typical dicing thickness ranging from 10um up to 250um.
  • High position accuracy and repro (< ± 1.5um)
  • Narrow dicing width (< 17um for 100um thickness)
  • Small HAZ (< 2um for 100um thickness)
  • High UPH (typically 50% faster than competition) due to system concept design focused on laser material processing:
    1. ultra short index time
    2. Dual cassette stations
    3. Dual coat and clean stations
  • Secs Gem control and remote support control functionality
  • Pre alignment station to enable maximum productivity
  • Broken wafer and Multi Project Wafer software functionality
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface



  • RFIC
  • HB-LED
  • Discretes; Transistor & Diodes
  • Power

Typical values

Features & Benefits